About Us

Ernese Shipyard is an family company in marine business as ship owner,ship management,brokering and ship builder since 1950.Company chair man Erol Senkaya well known in shipping industrial managing companies with  sons..Erol Şenkaya started buisines as sand carrier by wooden ships 1960 's in istanbul with his father while he was  chield .He built his first steel ship 1974 after than he continued with general carrgo ships.


Company is very active in sale and purchase market well known by Europian first class ship owners by serious commercials.


Group company Gant Shipping trading with 6 (six) ships in fleet and one new building which is under construction.


Ship yard is under same family management since 2009. Main jobs is new buiding and repair works. Ship yard has two safe berth quay one is 115m with draft 7 mt second is 55 mt with 5.5 mt have a creyn 35  mton capacity. Total open area is 13000 square meter total closed work shop area 5500 square meter new building area 230m x 27 m.Also have a slipway lifting capacity 1750 ton .Main creyn is 120 ton capacity and serving all ahip yard and the ships between bert quay . Ship yard have electric,electronic ,pipe ,carpenter,bending and CNC workshops. Company supplies service all around the world ports.


Until today ship yard buit 8 pcs new Mega Yacht hull construction with steel and aliminium,more than10 pcs Container vessels converted to General Cargo ship ,one new building is under construction for ship yards own account,General Cargo ships converted to live stock carrier,2 barges converted to spud leg drager all equipment manufactured by ship yard including legs and spud houses.Several flooting vessels slipped in ship yard as Netherland fishing boats,tugs etc.


We are working and focusing for satisfaction for our costumer.Because family is  ship owners from the begining knows and understand customers very well.